Farewell Meal No.4 : Coffee Garden's Ala Carte

Coffee Garden @ Equatorial Hotel.

3M ajak me at the very last minute. Due to another farewell lunch was cancelled, I said YES to this treat.

None of us was hungry enough to go for its buffet. We are all OLD lah. :)

All the below ala-carte dishes were served to us at the same time. That’s professional uh?!

Spaghetti Bolognese. Hmm…this one looked good uh?!

Char Hor Fun (with beef). Hmm…this one also looked tempting to me!

Vermicelli Soup. Hmm…this one also ngam me!

Vermicelli (wet), Vegetarian – This is my order! It looked very bland right?! AGAIN, never judge a book by its cover. It’s plain and yet flavourful. I was not thirsty at all after the meal , for the next 3 – 4 hours! *I really got an urge to go and ask the chef what the heck is he putting in to make that soup base?!*
Everyone of us finished our dishes till the very last drop! I respected EQ coffee garden’s chefs for their cooking skill! I was impressed.
Allergi level : NIL. :)
While I was getting prepared to go for my 2nd free meal of the day (farewell dinner) , WOW! I received this chocolate moist cake from that shift.

Sweet and Kam Tong ! I cut and ate one piece, then I distributed the rest to my colleagues.

Allergi level : NIL. :)
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Sushi Kitchen Count Down to Closing

Sushi Kitchen – Japanese Meatless Cafe ( 日本素食料理) @ Sungai Ara

We managed to grab a table to taste the vegetarian sushi and noodles before Sushi Kitchen is counting down to close on 31st Dec 09.

I believe the owner does read blogs. Why?! coz I found out that the serving size became larger compared to what I had during first visit. :)

Seaweed Fried Rice *brown rice (RM10.80)

Happiness Family (RM26.80) – I found the ones with crispy fried skin (near the wasabi) very yummy!

Fried Udon (RM7.80) . The serving has become much larger, but I dislike it.

Low Beauty Roll (RM6.80)

Sweet Potato Noodles (RM4.00) . This one got to eat when it’s served hot.

Golden Age (RM8.80). This one is pretty special! Mango served on top of sushi.

Nutmeg Juice (RM2.50)

Look at the wall alongside the staircase.

WE left our footprints there too! :)

Sushi Kitchen

Add : 2A-1, Jalan Sungai Ara, Sungai Ara, 11900 Bayan Lepas. (It’s located behind the shop lots (which got 7-11) that are next to the Chong Zheng primary school. At Desa Taimima, the first floor of the corner shop lot, same row with the Shell petrol kiosk.)
Business Hrs : 11 am to 3 pm (last order 2.30 pm), 6.30pm to 11 pm (last order 10.15 pm) (close on Tuesday)
Tel : 012-5913311, 017-4656821

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老房子 Old House Cafe Vegetarian Set

老房子 Old House Cafe @ Kimberley Street

My dining experience last Thursday at the Old House Cafe was a rather pleasant one. The service was pretty OK. I didn’t face any problems e.g. confronting waiters who would never serve you the cili padi or drinks even after repeated reminders being made (that’s what my colleagues encountered on last Sunday).

I was actually having lower expectation for cafe kinda food but the dishes that we ordered turned out to be rather OK despite the higher price range.

Take note on the table. Focus on the leg space area under the table. It gonna be not so convenient or comfortable for people sitting at sideway. Where you gonna stretch your legs uh?

Old House Braised Meat with Rice 滷肉飯 (RM7.50 nett).

Serving is big. This is good for those who are carnivorous! :)

Old House Vegetarian Set 素食套餐 (RM12.00 nett)

It comes with vegetarian duck, mushroom, vegetarian lor bak, vegetarian curry chicken and simmered cabbage. I was satisfied with each type of ingredients, not too bad lah!

Before I started eating, I thought,”Aiyoh, enough or not har? must add rice or not leh later?” but at the end, I was totally FULL.

Pink Guava 番石榴 (RM2.50 nett) & Lor Han Guo 羅漢果 (RM1.50 nett) .

Drinks were reasonably priced compared to the ala carte dishes. I particularly like this thick glass which has handle at the side. :)

Some shots of the menu.

Old House Cafe (老房子)
Add : 145-153, Kimberley Street, 10100 Penang.
Tel : 04-2622113
Business Hours : 12pm – 3pm, 6 pm – 10.30pm
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Sushi Kitchen @ Sungai Ara

Sushi Kitchen – Japanese Meatless Cafe ( 日本素食料理)I didn’t notice there is such a newly opened vegetarian japanese cafe until I hunted it down from the address posted in the newspaper’s article. I stepped into it finally last Saturday!

Every Saturday night from 8.30 to 9.30p.m Sushi Kitchen will turn off the light for raising the awareness of global warming.

Interior Deco. Simple and cozy. This brought back my memory on the ex- 紫竹 (‘purple bamboo’ opposite the Free School).

Sushi Kitchen uses biodegradable chopsticks.

炒烏冬麵 (Fried Udon) RM7.80. The portion is very small which I believe a few slurps could have finished up by either you or me. Correct me if I am wrong k?! If someone is going to take a Kim Gary’s standard to compare with this, this one definitely will lose out, ha!

Carrot in heart shape! Ha!

地瓜麵 (Sweet Potato Noodle) – RM4.00 . Soup base is made by sweet potato, vege and fruits. I was looking forward to try out this dish when first read it from the article but then I guess this turned out to be less flavourful than the fried udon. Again, pretty small serving size.

See the kee chee?

Inari RM3.50. This was good!
This was the only sushi plate I managed to try out since I was not having enough time for a relaxing meal. :(

Other dishes in the menu are:
Golden Age – RM8.80
Mdm Tan Roll – RM3.90
Wakame (裙帶菜) – RM3.00
Japanese Tempura – RM8.80
Global Warming Roll – RM7.80
Inside-out Roll (choice of black white sesame or crisp G-ken floss) – RM5.80 (single) RM7.80 (mixed)
Wakame Gunkan + Inari -RM6.80
California Roll – RM6.80
Gunkan (crisp G-ken floss)- RM4.00
Crab Meat Nigiri – RM3.00
Wakame Gunkan – RM4.00
Rainbow Roll -RM3.00
Maki – RM1.50
Sushi (Happy Set) – RM18.80
Loving Vermicelli Soup – RM4.00
Sushi Kitchen Fried Rice (採用糙米飯) -RM4.00
Relaxing Porridge – RM4.00
Miso Udon Soup -RM7.80
Imported canned drinks from Japan.

For a gathering or chit-chat session, it’s definitely a suitable place as it’s such a cozy place. I would be happier if the serving size could be larger!!!

Sushi Kitchen

Add : 2A-1, Jalan Sungai Ara, Sungai Ara, 11900 Bayan Lepas. (It’s located behind the shop lots (which got 7-11) that are next to the Chong Zheng primary school. At Desa Taimima, the first floor of the corner shop lot, same row with the Shell petrol kiosk.)

Business Hrs : 11 am to 3 pm, 6.30pm to 11 pm (close on Thursday)

Tel : 012-5913311, 017-4656821

For : Ala Carte, vegetarian, chit-chat, gathering, drink tea.
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