Aftermath of Foh San

Foh San (New Location) @ Ipoh

A few of my previous visits back in Foh San (old premise) was wonderful ones, like Foh San Dim Sum 富山香港點心茶樓 (part I) and Foh San Dim Sum 富山香港點心茶樓 (part II) .

This time driving down the Jalan Leong Sin Nam, halfway through, “Wah, how come out of a sudden, one such ‘grand’ unit bulging out like that in the middle ? So not matching one heh?! ” :)

Reaching there around 11a.m. See? The waitress somemore got time to put her hand around her waist. A LOT OF vacant tables loh! :p

Perhaps I was still stuffed with earlier breakfast, therefore other than the egg tarts and the char siew pau, the rest I really felt SO SO.

Swui kao is always my favourite. This one perhaps was due to long staging time therefore the soup base has turned slightly richer.

Since I got no surprise in food, I paid more interest on its interior deco lah. I like the washrooms for being grand like hotel one.

The basin outside of the toilet is like this one. The tap water head can be twisted by hand to release water. Wah, am I so sua par kow or what?! I found it interesting and kept on turning a few times.

What I like the most is this! The window! Exactly similar to one house at Gurney Drive off road which I admired so much! The fans are also very trendy and super chio oi!


Restoran Foh San Sdn. Bhd.
Biskut Foh San Sdn. Bhd.
51, Jalan Leong Sin Nam, 30300 Ipoh Perak.
Close every Tuesday. Open daily includes Sunday and public holiday.
Tel : 605-2540308 (6.30am to 2.00pm)
Direction : Very near to the old Foh San. At the old Foh San road, turn right, driving past the Caltex (on your left), Foh San is at behind of Caltex. So just turn left after Caltex to go in this street.

What was our best reward after getting to Foh San succesfully?! It was —– the car was trembling like hell lah.

This is the chameleon that entertained me for the first 20 minutes at this workshop.

The next best thing was — driving back to Penang to get another car down again! ARGH!! Sai hei! :(

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瓜拉牛拉螃蟹炒米粉 (Kuala Gula Crab Fried Bee Hoon)

Last weekend I joined an Eco-recreational trip to Kuala Gula @ Kuala Kurau,Perak. (瓜拉牛拉生态旅游)

First Day Lunch @ 瓜拉牛拉爱娣海鲜饭店 (Kuala Gula Ai Di Fan Dian)
螃蟹炒米粉 (Crab fried bee hoon) – the crab of coz mou tak teng lah!

I could taste the zhyuu yao zha (猪油渣) in the bee hoon. Is this good or bad leh?! According to cai lan (蔡澜), got zhyuu yao then only good one woh! :)

虾饼 (Har Paeng)

Got one more dish is fried rice with small white prawns but hey, since I was so busy dissecting the crabs where got time to take photos right?! :)
Featured in newspaper one leh….see see see?!

Dinner @ 瓜拉牛拉爱娣海鲜饭店 (Kuala Gula Ai Di Fan Dian) – after boat trip

Another must-order local dish of here is 炸苏东仔(fried baby sotong), very crispy one but to me, “aiyer…baby leh….kesian loh.” but then sapu habis also lah! :) Hey, see properly har, I ate all the fried and oily food below oi except the cockles. :)

The Second day Lunch @ Wan Ling Restaurant. Actually I prefer the food of this restaurant to the one stated above. NOT SO OILY mah! wahahahaha!!! :p

Anyway, the food here in this xiu dei fong (小地方) is kinda OK. Although not much styles or patterns but simple and typical local taste oh!

I enjoyed the trip very much! RM100 only. :p
What and how the trip is about leh, I gonna blog somewhere else lah. If you know then you know lah :)
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Meals @ Adeline Rest House, Gopeng (Part II)

Meals @ Adeline Rest House, Gopeng (Part I)

Breakfast @ Day 2, before going for caving in Gua Kandu!!

He served us the roti bakar (using charcoal).

Later on then only I realized he is also our guide for wet abseiling oi!

The round bread

This time I seng muk already, I brought along my energy bar. Indeed during halfway caving I was yelling “aiyoh, hungry loh!” again.

Lunch @ Day 2 @ Waterfall, right after wet abseiling!!!

See? it’s like picnic! Hohoho!!!

Having lunch beside a waterfall. I truly enjoyed this meal too!

Plus chinese tea somemore……Wah! 好嘆啊!

Yeah, it’s definitely all FUN when we were there. However It’s NO MORE FUN when coming back home. 6 /8 of us started to get itchy and red spots popping up on our body parts. I am the worst among all of them. Until today (after 5 days) I am still having lots of red spots and itchy, not able to subside.


p/s : Today it’s confirmed from Dr that it’s insect bites, not food allergy. May be mites that I brought back from THERE. ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

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Meals @ Adeline Rest House, Gopeng (Part 1)

Our Gopeng trip 11-Oct-08 to 12-Oct-08.

After checking in, the first activity we did was to soak ourselves in the natural jacuzzi spa. The water is SUPER DUPER cool (water supply comes from the mountain nearby one leh)!

Lunch @ Day 1, before going for White Water Rafting!

During halfway white water rafting in the afternoon, I was already yelling “I am very hungry loh!!!!” The body rafting session was an unexpected event!

What a sad news to us when Adeline told us there’s no tea snack for us. :(

Dinner @ Day 1

Bamboo soup! Special leh!!

A soup lover like me of coz sapu habis every drop of it!

Ingredients : Chicken legs, peanut and this yellow thing I couldn’t figure out what gua(1) it is.

A blend of chinese+malay cuisine. I truly enjoyed this meal! *Hmm….is it due to the soup?!* :)

The only thing which we kinda dissatisfied is their serving portion was prepared oh-just-enough for you, not much extra would you expect after everyone taking their own portion. AND….all the dishes hardly got any gravy loh.

Supper @ Day 1

Goreng Pisang with homecook style Red Bean Soup

Again, the serving was not enough therefore we requested for more goreng pisang.

Meals @ Adeline Rest House, Gopeng (Part 2)

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Foh San Dim Sum 富山香港點心茶樓 (part II)

Foh San Dim Sum 富山香港點心茶樓 (part I)

Foh San Dim Sum 富山香港點心茶樓 (part II)

Oh gosh! This Har Kow is good too!

This is another good one! Char Siew Pao!

The external bao pei is soft and just-thick-enough to blend well with easily-melt-into-your-mouth char siew yuk. What a great combination to serve this steaming hot pao with chinese tea!

We were kinda full already therefore we didn’t have the chance to try its egg tarts! A bit disappointed…Hmm….Since one of you floggers said that it’s GOOD, I must not miss it during my next time visit loh!!

We didn’t try this. What is inside there uh?

Not this too.


Tea. A must loh after eating so much oily food. :)

Total amount spent for 8x of us = RM80 plus. Thanks to GE for belanja oh! :p

I hope that one fine day I’ll bring my parents there. :) AND….hopefully with you ppl floggers’ recommendation, I gonna try out their egg tart, curry chicken bun (which I saw a lot of ppl tao pao back!) and…..what else uh???

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