Sin Lean Heang – no patience don’t step in!

I believe most of you should know the first sentence that come out from the staffs in this restaurant is,” Got to wait about 45 minutes (or longer) woh, can wait or not?”

Therefore if you really got the patience and time to wait, then only you sit. If not, I guess you will feel very warm sitting there. Well, perhaps even before that, you would have already been ‘warmed up’ by their greetings above. :)

Same like the Hock Chuan Heang nearby, the kochabi style of dishes are served.

Char Tang Hoon / Fried Bean Noodles

Lots of ingredients, as you can see. Of course,  you could taste the heavy seasonings that have been put in order to spice up the flavour of plain tang hoon.

The ‘Oh Chien’ (Fried Oyster) is the crispy style. This one that we ordered have added prawns and oysters. Yummy indeed!

Fried Noodles

One thing which I don’t like is the alkaline taste 碱水(kansui)of the noodles in this dish. I normally don’t experience such heavy strong alkaline taste in other restaurants. This one is simply too significant! I guess you could order noodles mixed with rice vermicelli to ease the undesirable taste. *Luckily we were hinted upfront*

Sin Lean Heang is located at Goh Tiau Lor (5th Street), at the base of the flats, opposite the school at Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina Li Tek ( (丽泽A/B校) at Pangkalan Weld, 10300 P.Pinang.

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Jasmine Restaurant

Jasmine Restaurant, along the road to Island Hospital, diagonally opposite the YMCA.

A group of us having lunch gathering there during one of the weekends. It was my first time there although I have passed by there thousand of times. :)

Choon Piah. Impressive, crispy (but not shattering) and full of ingredients. I believe this is their signature dish.

Sweet and Sour Pai Kut Ong. Average.

Curry Fish Fillet. Hainanese style with sweet and sour curry gravy.

The curry is too tempting. We finished the whole bowl bottom up!

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Zi Zai Traditional Poon Choi (自在传统盆菜) (Invited Review)

[This is an invited review]

A group of us were invited to have a Poon Choi session at Zi Zai Restaurant, Paya Terubong.


The Poon Choi packages offered at Zi Zai Restaurant are : –

RM258 nett (for 4-5 pax)

RM400 nett (for 10 pax)

with FREE flow of steamed rice & herbal tea (included).

Poon Choi is a all-in one dish using a metal basin or pot stuffed with pre-cooked ingredients (mostly stewed, steamed or poached) which later be arranged layer by layer and reheated before eating.

This is how the actual serving size is for a 10-pax package at Zi Zai.


An outstanding ‘Poon Choi’ emphasizes on distribution and sequence of ingredients by each layer, normally with the bottom layered by ‘wet’ ingredients whereas top part is ‘dry’ ingredients.

Those pan-fried and roasted items (nowadays it has been to display the expensive exotic) are normally put on top to practically fulfill the essence of ‘Poon Choi’ and also enhance the visual impression; whereas those ‘down-to-earth’ ingredients like taro and yam bean are based on bottom to provide taste and also bring up the aroma of appetite.


The Poon Choi at Zi Zai Restaurant consists of 13 items: stewed abalones, pan-fried prawns, fried fish fillets, fried Fu Zhou fish balls, broccoli, roasted ducks, sesame oil chicken, sea cucumber, fish maw, mushroom, pork belly, taro and yam bean.

(纽西兰罐头鲍鱼,酱爆大虾, 炸卡猎鱼肉, 手工福州鱼丸, 碧绿芥兰花, 好味烤鸭, 香浓麻油鸡, 葱烧海参,蚝油鱼鳔, 严选花菇, 盆菜猪肉, 厢糯芋头,爽甜沙葛)

A close up showing the first layer. Abalones and prawns on the top.

The homemade Fuzhou fish balls are one of the impressive items that I like.

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Good Friend Seafood (好友海鲜) Sungai Tiram (Invited Review)

The ingredients and style used in this restaurant is different or claimed to be ‘higher’ grade than the so-called ‘OLD’ one. Well, for me, it doesn’t matter whether if this restaurant is from the same management source, I only care about the quality of the food.

Below pricing are for 10 pax portion & also price/kg:

Steamed Grouper 石斑清蒸(钓) – RM80/kg [My rating : 8/10]

This grouper is not breeding ones, but fished. It’s very fresh.

Tri Flavour Red Snapper 红狮三味 – RM25/pc [My rating : 7/10]

Steamed Clam 花芭蒸 – RM18 [My rating : 6/10]

I still prefer clams to be prepared in more spicy flavour.

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風味小食館 Foong Wei Heong Restaurant : Quickly eat and go away!

Foong Wei Heong gives me such impression. I don’t know about you. *shrugged*

Pros : Fast in serving. Serving quality dishes.

Cons : Have a kind of feeling of rushing you to quickly eat and go away.

I went there in early May. Booking time was changed from 7.30pm to 6.00pm, per their request (to spread out the crowd). Prior to this successful booking, many calls were done.

Fyi, just as soon as we finished our dishes, they quickly cleared the table. Another thing is as soon as we settled the bill, we were not ‘allowed’ at all to sit there chit-chatting while drinking tea (coz they stopped serving you tea already! hinting you to leave already mah!) and guess what?! they started to pull away the red cloth (table cover)! Wahlau ei!!!!!!!!!!!

Spring Roll

Sea Cucumber with Mushroom & Broccoli

Shiong Tong Yun Choy

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