Sin Lean Heang – no patience don’t step in!

I believe most of you should know the first sentence that come out from the staffs in this restaurant is,” Got to wait about 45 minutes (or longer) woh, can wait or not?”

Therefore if you really got the patience and time to wait, then only you sit. If not, I guess you will feel very warm sitting there. Well, perhaps even before that, you would have already been ‘warmed up’ by their greetings above. :)

Same like the Hock Chuan Heang nearby, the kochabi style of dishes are served.

Char Tang Hoon / Fried Bean Noodles

Lots of ingredients, as you can see. Of course,  you could taste the heavy seasonings that have been put in order to spice up the flavour of plain tang hoon.

The ‘Oh Chien’ (Fried Oyster) is the crispy style. This one that we ordered have added prawns and oysters. Yummy indeed!

Fried Noodles

One thing which I don’t like is the alkaline taste 碱水(kansui)of the noodles in this dish. I normally don’t experience such heavy strong alkaline taste in other restaurants. This one is simply too significant! I guess you could order noodles mixed with rice vermicelli to ease the undesirable taste. *Luckily we were hinted upfront*

Sin Lean Heang is located at Goh Tiau Lor (5th Street), at the base of the flats, opposite the school at Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina Li Tek ( (丽泽A/B校) at Pangkalan Weld, 10300 P.Pinang.

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Hock Chuan Heong (福泉香) 又爱又恨!

Hock Chuan Heong (福泉香)

An authentic Hokkien cuisine that used to be my family’s all-time-favourite. But then….Two persons having meal like this (as shown below) gonna spend about RM50. Argh! I guess I got to limit myself from visiting Hock Chuan Heong that often unless memang tak bolah tahan dah! :)

Oyster Noodle (the below photo is showing full oysterversion (全蚝). Another type is oysters mixed with other ingredients (fish slices, pork and etc).

The yellow noodle, after frying, gives a very good noodle frangance (面香)(lye water as a factor) which cannot be substituted with any other types of noodles. That’s what I like the most about yellow noodle!

At times I felt “yer….” looking at those big sizes of oysters. I prefer smaller size one. :)

Char Tao Kua (Fried Dried Bean Curd with Leeks).

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南洋美食馆 (Nan Yang Chinese Cuisine)

I used to patronize this restaurant rather frequently last time (many years ago) until one day I stopped, which I couldn’t recall what was the reason until I re-visited again the other day.

炒茨粉(中) Char Tzu Hoon (medium) RM12.00
My first time trying out this dish was at Shanghai. This dish was oily, be it here at M’sia or China. The only major difference lies on the ingredients used. The 茨粉 texture is stickier and more chewy than our koay teow therefore it’s best to eat while it’s still warm. Otherwise, “jilak loh, cold cold one…”. :)

三杯鸡(小)Stewed Chicken with Three Cups Sauce (small) RM15.00
三杯雞的「三杯」,是指一杯醬油、一杯酒及一杯麻油 (three cups meaning 1x soya sauce, 1x rice wine, 1x sesame oil).
We enjoyed this dish very much as it’s really fragant.

蚵煎(小)Fried Oyster with egg (small) RM8.00 – I believe everyone of us could easily name two to three our own favourite fried oyster stalls in Penang. Therefore need not order this over here k?!

紫菜汤(小)Chee Chai Thng (small) RM5.00. Nah, nothing to shout about. Since this is the only choice left if not ordering bak kee thng (肉羹汤), what else then?!

Total bill (including drinks) RM42.70.
After paying the bill then only I remembered why I didn’t visit this restaurant for quite some time. Haha! It’s due to the inconsistent food quality in the past and also the price loh! Aiyah!
Add : Nan Yang Chinese Cuisine
164, Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling,
10200 Pulau Pinang.
Tel : 04-2616618
This restaurant has been moved to the Burmah Lane, beside Union Primary School.
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Ang Hoay Lor

Ang Hoay Lor

I know I’ve taken many of these ang hoay lor dishes before. BUT….this time they were taken with my new camera leh!

Fried noodles with oyster

Fried beansprouts

Dao Jiao Hu

Tao Kua Char Suan Na

Bak Kee (THIS has repeatedly disappointed us! Boh bee boh sor at all, sad nia!)

*Will only go Hock Chuan Heong for bak kee next time!*

Total RM50+. for 4x adults + 2x kids.

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Ang Hoay Lor

Ang Hoay Lor Restaurant @Bricklin Road

A few years back there was once we stopped pong chan due to it charged unreasonably high. Now it is reasonably- priced thus we are back. Good! It is my favourite hokkien cuisine restaurant.

Clockwise: bak kee, char mee, char tang hoon, oe chian (fried oyster).

Dishes serving size – 3 adults. Only RM32.

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