Penang Floggers 4th Gathering @ Vintage Bulgaria (Deco Part)

You may go here to see the food that was specially arranged for our gathering.

The first ‘wow…..’ comes when you LOOK INSIDE by standing at the entrance.

At the entrance, you can see this setting at the basement. Table setting for two to four pax mainly.

The staircase right after the entrance.

Climbing up the staircase will lead you to this middle floor .

The bar corner.

I wish to have wine bottles arrayed like this as part of the interior decoration at my future home too! :)

Table setting at middle floor.

The back portion of the restaurant also has staircase leading down to basement.

Looking down from the staircase – on the back portion of basement. Table setting for group dining.

Our gathering was held at the top floor.

Very home-feel corridor.

Ladies toilet.

The wooden door of the toilet. Look at the latch!
You can click foodpoi here to see more gathering shots.

Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant & Bar

(next to Ingolf’s Kneipe German Restaurant)
Add : 1-E, Jalan Sg Kelian, Tanjung Bungah, Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 04-8981890
Business Hour : 12 pm to 12 midnight (last order at 10pm)
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Penang Floggers 4th Gathering @ Vintage Bulgaria (Food Part)

Last Saturday night I had a wonderful time @ Vintage Bulgaria celebrating our Penang Floggers 4th Gathering.

I was really impressed with most of the dishes that they offered on that night. It totally washed away the negative impression which I had initially back in last year.

Our menu of that night (click to enlarge).

Mushroom Soup, served with ‘Vintage’ garlic bread. [My rating : 8/10] .

This soup is pretty same like the JL Gourmet Cafe one which have mushrooms blended as ingredients. I like the way they served the cheese-baked garlic bread which is soft and only slightly crispy on the outside.

Seafood Soup [My rating : 9/10]

This soup may look pretty plain externally but I personally prefer this seafood soup to the mushroom soup above. It has a stronger aromatic taste with crabststick, tuna and etc all blended in.

Our table of six ordered all the main course dishes given in the menu. Therefore each of us got the chance to taste all different dishes ! Blissful leh?! :)

Out of all the FIVE maincourse dishes that we had, I ranked it according to my preference as below.

TOP 1 : Bulgarian Pork Djolan (Traditional roasted pork knuckle) [My rating : 9.5/10]

I am not a person who likes oily food BUT I ranked this as NUMBER ONE. Could you believe it?! Hehe! It must have got the super sexy ‘inner beauty’ that attracted me uh?!

The pork is roasted in such a way that exhibits internally tenderly soft texture and yet remains its juiciness. The external one is the most irresistably killing one – crispy skin overlying the fat….MOU TAK TENG AH! I like eating it in original taste without any sauce-dippings.

Using your knife cutting a cross section directly from the crispy skin-> fatty layer -> juicy meat -> WORRY about CHOLESTEROL some other days lah! :p

Top 2 : Baked Cod Fish Fillet (finished with creamy mushroom sauce). [My rating : 8.5/10]

A teeth-bouncing slice of cod fish fillet cut in thick size. This is a lot more refreshing than any other ordinary pan-fried fish fillets. The fillet texture is actually smooth like silk but it could be easily served as under-cooked if it’s not properly taken care of though!

Top 3 : Chicken Stroganov (Boneless chicken drumstick cut into strips, cooked with mushroom, wine, cream, herbs & spices). [My rating : 8/10]

I didn’t expect their chicken dish to be this great. Using boneless chicken drumstick and serving them in strips’ form is definitely a greater choice than ordinary breast meat.

Plovdiv Ribs (Tasty pork ribs grilled till tender). [My rating : 6.5/10]

For me, it tasted too sweet and some said it’s sour (?!). Eating the pork ribs alone without any other ‘sub-items’ to wash away the sweetness or sourness is definitely not favourable by me. This was the last dish served for our table thus I actually nearly IGNORED this dish as I was already too full by then. Perhaps the pork ribs were not that oily that’s why it didn’t get my vote heh?! :)

Bulgarian Platter. [My rating : 5/10]

It consists of mixed grill trio of kebapche, kyofte, karnatche (own traditional recipe of in-house homemade Bulgarian sauges) and succulent pork fillet.

Same like the pork ribs above, I did not like to eat this alone as it’s TOO MEATY, without fats.

Desserts :

Chocolate Soup with Vanilla Ice Cream . [ My rating : 8/10]
Chocolate soup – I like the way they named this dish and served in a big soup bowl. At first I thought it must be very sweety richy chocolat-y but HEY, no leh….ngam my taste! Just scooping it up like soup and added with ice cream is definitely a bonus PLUS.

Chocolate Creme Brulee. [My rating : 8/10]

The chocolate creme brulee is also not that sweety richy chocolat-y like I expected. I like to eat the creme together with the carmelized sugar on top as shown below – a perfect size to melt in your mouth! [Thanks to Mary for featuring the how-to]

Beverages : Cordial Drinks, Coffee / Tea.

Next up will be on the Penang Floggers 4th Gathering @ Vintage Bulgaria (Deco Part) of Vintage Bulgaria. I found myself impressed more this round with its complete furnished top floor where we had our gathering that night.

You can click foodpoi here to see more gathering shots.
Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant & Bar
1E, Jalan Sungai Kelian,
11200 Tanjung Bungah, Penang.
Tel : 04-8981890
Fax : 04-8982890
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Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant & Bar

Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant & Bar @ Tanjung Bunga.

OK, let’s continue the story of hunting 7 restaurants during the 4-days Deepavali weekend. Day 1 started at Ryoma lah :).

It was late when we reached there. There’s only 5 min left before the last order call.


Interior deco.

Bar corner located at upstair.

A big wheel is hanging right on top of the ceiling that you would never miss it when reaching for the restroom.

We had difficulty in choosing our dishes as the food here were mostly grilled or sauteed, like what What2seeonline mentioned. Mind you, I was still full after the Jap food at Miyako Izakaya, furthermore we are fond of light and original taste.

Black tea. Gosh….this has caused me another sleepless night again.

Grilled lamb

It’s very salty!! Luckily I was only offered two small pieces to eat by the Belanja-er. Phew~!!..:)

Prawn cocktail. Not very into this either.

Since I am not a western food lover, I think may be you guys or gals will appreciate this restaurant more than me.

Address : 1E, Jalan Sungai Kelian, 11200 Tanjong Bungah, Penang. (beside Ingolf’s Kneipe German Restaurant)
Tel : 04-8981890

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