Personalized Bobbleheads 17

31 Aug

Online Cheap Cars for Sale Articles on ArticleSnatch,Custom bobbleheads

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When it comes to purchasing high end car parts and accessories, it is better to go online. In today’s present age, many companies are available throughout the world that provides the opportunity to all the vehicle owners to buy exclusive parts and accessories of their brand auto online in an easy, fast and secure manner. In order to find the most trusted company, you are advised to do an extensive search over the internet where you will surely find the best option to choose.

Chilies Parsley Seafood (Homecooked)

18 Oct

I couldn’t get clams therefore I decided to use whatever on hand to try the recipe.

Saute the garlic slices.

Add in main ingredients.

Add the minced parsley and chillies.

Add in cherry tomatoes.

Add water to simmer. Add white wine (if available).




Squids, prawns and fish.


chilliparsleyseafood03 […]

My Making of Tiramisu Without Eggs

8 Oct

I used to be like others thinking tiramisu this type of cake is very high class, difficult to make, or at least need some special skills. Outside selling expensive too. Now after trial and error for a few times, be rest assured, if I being such a baking dummy can make it, so do you! :)


This is the 8 inch square pan.


Here are the ingredients.

Original source shared by friend :
Cream cheese 250gm, philadelphia or tatura.
Whipping cream 300-400ml.
Instant coffee (nescafe) 2-3 tbsp.
Cocoa powder.
Sponge fingers.

My recipe:
Galbani Mascarpone cheese 250gm *2 (soften at room temp)
Diary whipped cream ~250gm
Kahlua liquor
Bonomi savoiardi fingers (at least 2 pkts =24 pieces)
Express Coffee / Nescafe Coffee (2 tbsp or more to make up 1 cup), add sugar to taste (optional)
Chocolate powder (to sprinkle on top)

The  Tatua mascarpone cheese (250gm. RM11.00 each) is way much cheaper compared to Galbani mascarpone cheese (250gm. RM27.80).


I put kahlua into the coffee. About 6- 8 tbsp. Espresso and coffee liquor (kahlua) should be mixed  together on stove top. […]

The EightyEight Restaurant

4 Oct

I have heard much about this The Eighty Eight Restaurant. Finally I had a chance to pay a visit there end of last month.



Appetizer. Tiny cubes of cucumbers and tomatoes.


How to make this kind of butter uh?! Anyone kindly enlighten me?


It’s very fragrant applying this butter on the toast. […]

Fresh Bite Asian Fusion

30 Sep

Value meal menu

Looking at the value meal menu for 2-3pax. Not very tempting.

freshbite08 freshbite09 freshbite10

Value Meal 2-3pax RM31.90 +
Sambal Prawns with malay spicy and sour
Lo han chai with mixed vege
Tofu soup with mushroom & greens […]